American Rescue Plan

December 1, 2021

Dear fellow citizens,

             On March 11, 2021, President Joe Biden signed into law the American Rescue Plan Act. The Act established the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund and the Coronavirus State and Local Recovery Funds program. As a result of this Act and the established programs the City of Anderson will be receiving a total sum of $23,105,606 to be used pursuant to the requirements of the Act and guidance provided by the United States Department of Treasury. The Interim Rules and Treasury Guidelines may be accessed at

             In accordance with the act the Anderson City Common Council established a fund for the purpose of receiving these funds. Pursuant to the acts requirements a plan must be established and approved prior to expenditure of the funds pursuant to the plan.

             Presently, the City of Anderson is in the process of formulating a plan. As mayor of the city, I have prepared and presented to the Anderson City Common Council for their consideration a proposed plan, that is subject to public comment, input and appropriate council action. A copy of the plan is presented for your review, suggestions, and comments. Your information will be part of the adoption process. You may make any comments in the provided area for comments on this website. You may also send your written comments to ARPA Comments, 120 E. 8th Street, 5th floor, Anderson, Indiana 48018. There will also be a public meeting, held at a later date in which you may also comment. During the public sessions of the city council as they consider the plan proposals you will also be able to comment. 

             This Mayoral recommendation of the proposed ARP Plan was prepared with consideration of the needs of the city government, small local businesses, non-profit organizations, and citizens and includes input from department leaders and other members of the community. It is in compliance with the current rules and guidance of the Treasury. The plan is intended to promote equitable outcomes in our community. This includes positive outcomes that will address those most impacted by COVID-19. This plan will not be effective unless and until it is approved by the Common Council of the City of Anderson.

             While unquestionably there are many needs in both the public and private sector, only those needs that are authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act may be funded through the fund proceeds. Further, the ARPA and the United States Treasury Department requires strict reporting on the uses of all funds and therefore, appropriations and spending of such funds should only be allowed in which there is reliable proof that any subrecipient be able to provide timely and accurate reporting as required under the act.

             This ARP Plan may be amended by the Common Council at any time to comply with Section 603 (C) of the ARP and any official guidance issued by the United States Treasury Department. The United States Treasury has issued guidance that defines the categories of uses of these funds and this plan complies with those defined uses at this time. The plan may need to be changed or amended if either guidance from the Treasury changes or other funds become available for these project that would then change and free up the city’s use of ARPA Funds for other projects.

             We look forward to your comments and suggestions.


                                                                                    Thomas J. Broderick, Jr.                                                                                                  Mayor, City of Anderson