My water pressure seems low. What should I do?
The first thing you would want to do is acquire some basic information. Is it only one faucet in the house? Is it all of them? If one or more faucets in the house have normal pressure or volume, then chances are it is an internal problem and not generally something the city can help you with. Many times, it's a simple matter of unscrewing and rinsing out the aerator on the faucet to return a faucets flow to normal. Sometimes, simply working the valve underneath the sink in order to remove the small amount of debris that can get caught in the valve and impede the water flow.
If all of your water faucets are affected, then first check your stop and waste valve (the main shut off where the water enters the building) to be sure it and all other valves are on all the way. At that point, if the problem is still not resolved, then simply call us and we will come out to check our service and meter, etc.

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1. My water pressure seems low. What should I do?
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