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Geater Community Center & Park

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Admission Fee

There is a $75.00 annual membership fee for the weight room.


Park User Application for Geater Community Center


  1. ADA Accessible (optional)
  2. Basketball (optional)
  3. Basketball Court (optional)
  4. Boxing (optional)
  5. Chairs (optional)
  6. Internet (optional)
  7. Kitchen (optional)
  8. Locker Room (optional)
  9. Meeting Rooms (optional)
  10. Parking (optional)
  11. Playground (optional)
  12. Restrooms (optional)
  13. Security (optional)
  14. Tables (optional)
  15. Volleyball
  16. Water (optional)
  17. Wifi (optional)
  18. Workout Room ($120.00 Add-on)
Geater Park and Community Center has playground equipment and several basketball courts. Geater Community Center anchors this parcel and is highly utilized as a location for park and community activities year round. Geater Center features an indoor gymnasium, newly renovated adult fitness center, new boxing room, fitness boxing classes, youth game center, senior activity room, computer lab, and home to the Parks and Recreation Department.

Geater Center Multipurpose Room

The room may be rented for a fee of $50 per hour.

Rental Policy

The user fee is per hour and a $150 refundable deposit is required. Contact 648-6858 for more details.

Rental Description

Geater Community Center offers a large multi-purpose room ideal for a variety of group activities including wedding receptions and large family dinners. Tables and chairs are also available upon request.
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