Municipal Development


City Hall - 1st Floor
120 East 8th Street
Anderson, IN 46016



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Campbell, Donna Electrical and Building Clerk 765-648-6060  
Davis-Simmons, Trinna Solid Waste Coordinator 765-648-6213  
Fisher, Todd Department Head 765-648-6057  
Johnson, Gayle Plumbing and HVAC Clerk 765-648-6061  
Leonard, Mary Property Research Clerk 765-648-6070  
Mitchell, Micah Senior Zoning Administrator 765-648-6167  
Osselaer, Lisa Field Inspector 765-648-6063  
Randolph, Steve Commercial Electrical Inspector 765-648-6060  
Stires, Tim Assistant Director 765-648-6166  
Turner, Brad Plumbing and HVAC Inspector 765-648-6063