Waste Services

  1. Trash
  2. Heavy Pick-Up
  3. Yard Waste
  4. Recycling
Trash Pick-Up
Trash is picked up weekly.  Please contact Best Way Disposal at
765-649-7272 if you need assistance in determining your trash pick up day or if you need to order a trash container.

 Pick Up Day View map to determine day

  • Residents are encouraged to set trash out the night before their schedule pick-up day.  Best Way drivers are on the road early into the morning attempting to complete collection on busy streets before the traffic of the work day begins.
  • Holiday Collection:  Best Way picks up trash on every holiday with the exception of Christmas.  Christmas day routes are pushed back one day with Friday routes being collected on Saturday.  Residents are encouraged to set trash out the night before their scheduled collection day.  Routes are often running hours ahead of schedule due to residents that do not set trash out on holidays.
  • Placement:  Carts should be placed within 4 feet of the curb with the wheels away from the street.  The arrows on the lid should be pointing to the street.  Carts should also be separated by 3 feet as well as placed 3 feet away from other obstacles such as cars, mailboxes, trees, etc.  It is the residents responsibility to ensure carts are not blocked by vehicles.  
  • Excess Trash:  Arrangements may be made directly with Best Way Disposal to have excess trash collected. Trash outside of the carts, except for items defined as Heavy Pick-Up materials, will not otherwise be collected.