Power Restoration Process

During multiple outages or massive outages, Anderson Municipal Light & Power (AML&P) based on priority must decide which areas to restore power first. AML&P follows a set of guidelines as laid out below in the Priorities in Power Restoration. The goal of the guidelines is to restore the power to all of our customers in the shortest amount of time.

Priorities in Power Restoration

  1. Public Safety Hazards
  2. Transmission Lines
  3. Public Health & Safety Facilities
  4. Substations
  5. Three-Phase Primary Lines(Major Circuits)
  6. Two-Phase & Single-Phase Lines(Small Neighborhoods)
  7. Secondary Lines(Individual Homes)

AML&P's Process in Power Resortation

Your power during an outage is restored based on a plan established by AML&P. The process of restoring your power as a customer of AML&P is based on the design of our electrical facilities here in the City of Anderson. We basically work from upstream (Transmission Lines) towards downstream (Individual Services).

  1. Transmission Lines
  2. Substations
  3. Main Distribution Lines out of the Substations
  4. Tap Lines off of the main distribution lines
  5. Individual Services