It shall be the policy of the City to recruit and select qualified candidates for available positions. The City is committed to recruitment practices that draw from all geographic areas and types of people. Recruitment will be conducted in an affirmative manner to insure open and fair competition. The responsibility for the recruitment of job applicants is the function of the Human Resources Department. In preparing position announcements all relevant information will be provided including: job qualifications, examination information, salary range, and application procedures.

Internal Posting

Before any outside candidates will be considered, current City employees will have an opportunity to apply for openings. Available job openings will be posted within the City for five (5) working days before they become available to the public. It should be posted in a place where City employees have an opportunity to see the announcement. The posting will provide relevant information on the position and the qualifications. Employees who are interested in, and meet the minimum qualifications for the position should contact the Human Resources Department. Their name will be placed on an interest list, and their qualifications will be reviewed for consideration of the position. However, the internal posting process in no way prohibits the City from seeking qualified candidates from the outside.

External Recruitment

If positions are not filled internally, efforts will be made to identify qualified candidates from the outside. Under no circumstances will recruiting be allowed by any other department other than the Human Resources Department. A wide variety of sources will be utilized in this effort, including:

  1. Applications currently on file
  2. Agencies and schools
  3. Advertising in newspapers and journals
  4. Government employment agencies
  5. Qualified candidates who have applied for the job
  6. Minority organizations
  7. Individuals recommended by present employees

All applicants applying for employment must have an active application on file in the Human Resources Department.