Municipal Street Lighting Service (SL)

Availability of Service
Available to the City of Anderson for lighting on streets and highways for all street lighting installations prior to the date of the Order in IURC Cause No.41140

Character of Service
Single phase alternating current, 60 Hertz, at any standard utility voltage as designated by the utility.

Base Rate*
Energy Charge                                                                                                $0.09714 per KWH for all KWH

Base rates are subject to quarterly adjustments to reflect changes in the cost of wholesale power. Please refer to the Tracking Factor for quarterly adjustments.

Installation After the Date of the Order
For all street light installations after the date of the Order, the applicable rate for each such new installation will be determined on the basis of the size and type of lamp, the type of standard and the type of service whether overhead or underground.

Hours of Service 
Service under this rate schedule is available only during the hours each day between sunset and sunrise. Daytime use of energy will be for the sole purpose of testing and maintaining the system.

*Subject to provisions of the Rate Disclaimer and Non-Recurring Charges.