Tree Trimming Services


Trees are beneficial to us as well as the environment. Trees provide shade, cleaner air, privacy, a home for various wildlife and can conserve energy. They brighten up our surroundings and even enhance property values.

Trees can also develop into a hazard and somewhat of a nuisance. A tree size that is not compatible with its location could cause conflicts such as interference with sewer lines, roof lines and power lines. Trees in power lines can be very dangerous. A branch in a power line can turn the tree into a live wire and cause power outages.

Safety Tips

  1. Keep children from climbing on trees near overhead power lines.
  2. When removing something from a tree, stay away from power lines.
  3. Have a professional cut down trees or branches near power lines.
  4. If you are going to plant a tree, make sure it has plenty of room to grow and mature away from the power lines.

Before you dig, contact IUPPS at (800)382-5544.  Allow two (2) working days in advance to guarantee that underground utilities are marked.

To avoid hazardous situations, AMLP offers a tree-trimming service to clear branches away from our power lines and fiber optic cables within our easement. The homeowner is responsible for keeping tree limbs clear of service drops outside of the easement. During normal business hours, our linemen can assist the homeowner by disconnecting and reconnecting the service drop so that the limbs can be safely trimmed by the homeowner or their contractor.