1st Quarter Tracking Factor (Jan, Feb, March) 2017

Rate Adjustments

The rate adjustments shall be on the basis of a Purchase Power Cost Adjustment Tracking Factor occasioned solely by changes in the cost of purchased power and energy, in accordance with the Order of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, approved on December 13, 1989 in Cause No. 36835-S3 as follows:

Rate adjustments applicable to the below listed rate schedules area as follows:

1st Quarter Tracking Factor

January, February & March 2017

Service Type


Residential Rate (RS)

$0.009798 per KWH

General Power Rate (GS)-Single Phase

$0.010590 per KWH

General Power Rate (GS)-Three Phase

$0.009907 per KWH

Small Power Rate (SP)

$5.944 per KW
-$0.003436 per KWH

Large Power Rate (LP)

$6.245 per KVA
-$0.003457 per KWH

Large Power Rate (LP Off Peak)

$4.170 per KVA
-$0.003495 per KWH

Industrial Power Service (IP)

$7.214 per KVA
-$0.003454 per KWH

Constant Load Rate (CL)

$0.006108 per KWH

Street Light Rate (SL)

$0.004608 per KWH

Outdoor Light Rate (OL)

$0.004718 per KWH