General Service (GS)

Availability of Service
Available for electric service through one meter for light and/or power purposes.

Character of Service
Standard single phase and/or polyphase alternating current, 60 Hertz, at one standard voltage from 120 to 480 volts or at a higher standard utility voltage if available and requested by Customer. Utility will indicate the voltage and type of service available and appropriate for the Customer's requirements

Base Rate*
Single Phase Service   Three Phase Service
Customer Charge $13.31   Customer Charge  $31.55
Energy Charge    Energy Charge
For First 1000 kWh $0.099793 per kWh   For First 2000 kWh  $0.104851 per kWh
For all kWh above 1000 kWh $0.085112 per kWh   For all kWh above 2000 kWh $0.090101 per kWh

Base rates are subject to quarterly adjustments to reflect changes in the cost of wholesale power. Please refer to the Tracking Factor for quarterly adjustments.

* Subject to the provisions of the disclaimer and Non-Recurring Charges.

Minimum Charge

The minimum monthly charge shall be the customer charge.


A minimum term of service may be required for service under this rate schedule.

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