Permits handled through the City Engineer's Office

This Page lists all the permits which are managed through the City Engineer's Office.  For all other permits please visit the Permit Center.  A copy of these permits can also be found there.

If you wish to place a dumpster in the Street, Alley or Sidewalk area for your project, it requires a Dumpster Permit.
Right of Way Excavation (Street Cut)
Any Excavating activity in the Right-of-Way requires a permit, as well as a Bond and Insurance for the proposed work.  The Contractor and/or Home Owner is responsible to make sure the proper forms & insurance are supplied.
Sewer Tap
New and or Reconstructed Sewer Taps are required to have a permit.  There are two types of Sewer Tap Permits, Residential & Commercial.  The link below is for Residential Sewer Taps.  For Commercial Sewer Taps, see the link under "Drainage" Permits & Forms below.
Drainage & Storm Water
All additions, redevelopment and new construction for "commercial" (business) properties require a "Drainage Permit" which covers Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water (drainage) facilities.  Please contact the Engineering or Storm Water Department to determine which elements of the Ordinance apply to your project.
Driveway & Sidewalks
Work to private Drives and Sidewalks that is in the road Right-of-Way requires permits, bonds & insurance.  Portions of your Driveway and Sidewalk that are in the City Right-of-Way must be constructed to the City's "Driveway Standards." These standards can be downloaded below.

Additionally, if your property is on a State Highway, check to see if your Drive or Sidewalk is in the State Highway Right-of-Way.  If so please contact INDOT for further assistance.