Sanitary Sewers

Check out our inter-active web based GIS Map of the City which includes information regarding the City's Sanitary and Storm Sewer systems.


*Disclaimer - The information represented via the GIS Web Map is for graphical representation only and should not be used for any construction activity.  All utilities must be field located and verified.

Indiana Law requires you to "Call 811" two working days prior to any excavation activities.  For more information visit or call 1-800-382-5544.
Permitting - if you are needing to repair/replace your Sanitary Sewer line, or replace/repair a connection (Tap) to the City Sewer please complete the following form and submit it to our office for review.  The Engineering Staff will determine your Permit and Tap Fees.  Once approved payment can be made and a permit can be obtained from the City Engineering Dept.  

You can click the links below and also find our Sewer Permit forms on our Permitting Page. There are 2 forms, one for Residential Taps, and the other for Commercial Taps (under the "Drainage Permit").
Residential Sewer Tap Application Form
Commercial Sewer Tap Application Form

This form can also be found in the Permit Center.