Your Car

Clean up Spills
Use cat litter or other absorbents to soak up spills. Never wash spills away with a garden hose. Pour kitty litter on oil leaks and other household chemical spills to soak them up, then dispose of the dried waste according to the manufacturers listings.

Disposing of Waste Products
Dispose of your motor oil, antifreeze, batteries, and other waste products properly. There are currently numerous locations to recycle these materials. For information about how to dispose of these materials contact the East Central Indiana Solid Waste District at (765) 640 – 2535.

Vehicle Maintenance

Keep your car tuned and periodically check for fluid leaks. This keeps oil from leaking onto the ground and can increase gas mileage, saving you money and protecting the environment by reducing water and air pollution.

Go to the Car Wash
Wash your car or other outdoor equipment at a commercial car wash instead of at your home. The grease, oil, and other chemicals that we wash off of these items can run off of our driveways and lawns and enter the storm sewer system and eventually discharge to local streams and rivers. Even the soaps we use to clean these items can cause problems for some aquatic life.

Drive Less
Take the bus, carpool, ride a bike, or plan your trips to be more efficient. You’ll save money on gasoline and reduce street pollution washing into our streams and rivers.