Notification Program

CSO Notification Program
The City of Anderson has started a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Notification Program designed to educate and notify the public about the city’s combined sewer system. The program uses a CSO information line, general information website, and signs posted on waterways at various locations throughout the city to provide information to interested citizens.

Program Objectives
  • Notify interested residents when CSO discharges are influencing the water quality of the White River in the Anderson area
  • Educate the public about the potential hazards and impacts of CSO discharges
  • Enable citizens to take appropriate steps to protect themselves and their families from exposure to waters affected by city CSO discharges
How to Participate
Telephone Information Line
A recorded message delivers the current conditions, potential hazards associated with water contact, and directs the public where to find further information about Anderson's combined sewer system. The telephone information line will notify citizens of impending or current discharges of Anderson's CSOs
  • Information Line: 765-648-6585
CSO Information On the Web
This part of the City of Anderson website includes background information about the city's combined sewer system, locations of CSO discharge points, and what efforts the city is currently taking to improve the water quality of the White River. The information posted on the website will be periodically updated.

The city is currently in the process of updating existing CSO signs and posting additional signs at several locations. The new signs notify the public of the CSO Information Line and discuss the potential hazards of water affected by CSO discharges. The city is placing the updated signs near CSO discharge points, parks, and other public access points.