Anderson's involvement with the Storm Water Quality Partnership
No Dumping - Drains to River
St. Vincent Storm
Our Mission
The mission of Anderson’s Stormwater Management program is to develop, implement, operate, and equitably fund the acquisition, construction, operation, maintenance, and regulation of stormwater collection and drainage systems and activities within the city, including improvements to the city’s existing combined sewers.

The program shall safely and efficiently control stormwater runoff, enhance public health and safety, protect lives and property, facilitate mobility, and enable access to homes and businesses throughout the community during storms. The program shall also control the discharge of pollutants contained in stormwater to receiving waters in order to enhance the natural resources of the community.

The White River and its tributaries are one of Anderson’s most valuable resources. The protection and enhancement of this resource will improve the quality of life for Anderson’s citizens and assist in attracting new businesses, jobs and residents to our community.

Preventing Pollution of Our Waterways
The wildlife and beauty of our White River is threatened by careless acts. Grass clippings, leaves, and trash in the street are a threat to Anderson's quality of life. These items create havoc with our water pollution control system. Mow with the discharge pointed away from the street or use a blower to move it out of the road.

Clean streets, an efficient sewer system, and a sparkling river translate into job creation for Anderson.

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