Community Policing Officers

Community Policing Program

The goal of the Anderson Police Department's Community Policing program is to provide residents and individual neighborhoods with the resources and knowledge on how to improve their specific quality of life within their neighborhood.  Issues within each individual neighborhood or area of town is as diverse as the city itself, and it is the goal of this program to empower residents to discuss and address those issues.

Community Oriented Policing Officers (C.O.P.S.) work with residents in the following ways:

  • Initially organizing and assisting in the creation of neighborhood crime watch programs
  • Providing resources and education to residents to enhance personal and community safety
  • Identifying city resource contacts and facilitating communication on community needs
  • Facilitating communication and familiarization with residents and the city, as well between residents themselves
  • Empowering residents to take an active role in the governing and management of their neighborhood and city

Community Policing may be reached at 765-648-6712.