The Training Section consists of one training coordinator, one training secretary that is full time, and approximately 20 certified instructors, that are assigned to training during training events.

They are in charge of every sworn officers training they receive throughout the year, and any police-related schools they attend away from the department.

Officer Certification
Each officer has to receive at least 24 hours of training each year to stay certified by the state. The Training Section organizes, evaluates, and schedules all training events of the department.

They keep all training records of the officers, and all documentations for certifications they receive. Training is also in charge of all department owned weapons and ammunition, other than what our SWAT team utilizes.

Hiring Process

All applicants go through a hiring process, training will be in charge of the entire application and testing process. Once the procedure is complete, training will develop a list of eligible applicants that passed all phases of the testing, in the order in which they were tested.

The Training Section is responsible for conveying criminal law updates and any other updates as far as training is concerned. They pass this on to all sworn personnel.