Becoming An Authorized Instructor

To become an authorized instructor you must complete the approved courses for each area you wish to deliver instruction in and hold a valid certification from the State of Indiana as an Instructor.

For basic, mandatory, and firefighter I/II, you must successfully complete the one day orientation course provided free by our staff instructors and be a member in good standing with an emergency response organization.

For live fire training you must: 
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the safe delivery of live fire training in each of the desired training categories available at our facility.
  • Live fire lead instructor must be an Instructor II/III, successfully completed an authorized NFPA 1403 Course. In addition they must have a current live fire task book completed.
  •  Live fire instructors must be an Instructor 1, successfully completed an authorized NFPA 1403 course, and have a current live fire task book completed. 

For technical rescue evolutions you must be certified in the level being instructed and have demonstrated to the Anderson Fire Department Training Division proficiency in instruction of technical rescue topics being covered.

The Anderson Fire Department reserves the right to revoke the training center privileges of any instructor without cause or hearing.

Current Instructors

Please check with Mark Keck (765)648-6621 or Rick Dowden (765)648-6612  for information on available authorized instructors.