Authority & Responsibilities

Personnel & Organizational Structure
CATS is under the direction of the Mayor and Board of Public Works. The City Council reviews and approves CATS’ departmental budget on an annual basis.  The General Manager is responsible for the daily operations of the system.
Management Responsibilities
CATS’ management is responsible for implementing the daily operations of the transit system. CATS administration offices are located at 530 Dale Keith Jones Road. Responsibilities include:
  • Promoting CATS
  • Monitoring the overall operation  including Personnel & Staffing
  • Organization of routes
  • Maintaining equipment and facilities
  • Implementing service improvements
  • Managing the system’s finances, purchasing materials, supplies, etc.
  • Measuring transit service needs of the city’s population
  • Researching and developing effective methods for improving transit service delivery
  • Assessing the potential impacts of proposed improvements
  • Preparing grants and assisting with budgets
  • Evaluating the performances of the transit service in respect to achieving goals and objectives specified by the Board of Works
CATS Garage & Admin offices
System Goals
CATS’ current set of goals were originally developed in 1978, by the Anderson City Planning Department. Since that time minor revisions have been made with major goals remaining substantially the same. The three major goals of the City of Anderson Transportation System are:
  • To provide convenient, reliable, safe, and comfortable service to all patrons
  • To provide fixed route and demand-responsive services as efficiently and equitably as possible
  • To maximize potential ridership within the parameters set by CATS’ service area and available funds