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Anderson City Court has jurisdiction in Madison County over misdemeanors, infractions, Anderson City Ordinance violations, and limited civil matters.

Services, Programs and Activities

Anderson City Court maintains its own Probation Department. Probation is ordered in lieu of jail time. Those serving probation also may be required to participate in various other programs such as anger control or alcohol/drug treatment. Probationers are required to pay initial fees and monthly fees. From those fees staff salaries and benefits are paid.

The Court employs additional alternative sentencing including participation in community service projects, work release programs, and in-home detention. In some circumstances, it is possible for individuals who are incarcerated to earn a reduction of jail time by earning a G.E.D. or other educational advancement. Probationers with alcohol related convictions are required to view a film pertaining to drinking and driving. There are interpreters for English speaking and Spanish speaking offenders. 

The Court also schedules seminars presented by Larry Higgins, founder of People Against Impaired Driving (PAID). Individuals who participate in the program are not required to view the drinking and driving film. There is a $20.00 fee for the seminar.

To see additional information about PAID, go to:

The Court welcomes the community and particularly students to observe court sessions. Upon request, arrangements can be made for groups to sit in on court sessions. Judge and employees from court security, probation, and/or court administration are happy to speak to students.

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