Non-Uniform Division

AC Cole small
The Anderson Police Department non-uniform division is under the command of Assistant Chief Mark Cole and consists of criminal investigations (adult and juvenile), the burglary and theft unit (BTU), Criminal Intelligence, Drug Task Force and Special Services.  
  1. Criminal Investigations

    Obtain information about the detectives of the Anderson Police Department.

  2. Special Services

    Find information about the Accreditation / Research and Planning Unit.

  3. Records

    Explore information about the Records Section of the Anderson Police Department.

  4. Juveniles

    Read about the Juvenile Section of the department.

  5. Drug Task Force

    Peruse information about the Drug Task Force.

  6. Criminal Intelligence Unit

    Explore the Crime Analysis Unit of the Anderson Police Department.

  7. Laboratory

    Find information about the Laboratory Section of the department.

  8. Property Room

    Read about the property section in the Special Services Division.