Neighborhood Crime Watch

Anderson Police Department Neighborhood Crime Watch

Mayor Broderick’s Administration and the City of Anderson Police Department are committed to the Neighborhood Crime Watch Program in our community.  We feel that this program not only makes our neighborhoods safer, but improves quality of life and promotes relationships among neighbors throughout Anderson. 

If you are interested in joining a Neighborhood Crime Watch or would just like more information about our program, please feel free to contact any of our team below.

Anderson Police Department Community Policing Office:


Eva Flores, Secretary                                                                 765-648-6674

Detective Mark Brizendine                                                         765-648-6740                                   

Maggie Wable,  City Wide Coordinator                                       765-621-6787

Tammy Reed,  East Side NCW Coordinator                               765-442-0092

Emilie Isenhour,  South Side NCW Coordinator                        765-643-4772

David Porter,  Redbud Estates NCW                                         765-644-4479

Lessa Johnson,  Scarlett Lakes NCW Coordinator                   765-621-6773

Jay R. Gegenheimer,  Operation Love NCW Coordinator         765-623-4214

Jeane Atkinson,  North Anderson NCW Coordinator                765-642-4184

Annie M. White,  Downtown NCW Coordinator                         765-640-0133